Acute Wry Neck

Wry Neck is a problem that comes with neck pain and limitation of movement, and is usually accompanied by muscle spasm in the neck.

On many occasions this condition is presented in an acute and fortuitous way, usually when we get out of bed. This can be very limiting given the complications that it generates in our daily life due to the limitation of mobility in the neck. Fortunately the treatment of this problem with physiotherapy has very good results in the short term.

Why do I have Wry Neck?

There are several conditions that can generate Wry Neck. However, the reduction in the range of mobility and pain is associated with two mechanisms. On the one hand, we have the facetary Wry Neck caused by a blockage in the facet joint and on the other hand we have discogenic Wry Neck caused by problems in the intervertebral disc.

Facet Wry Neck

Facet joints are found in the vertebrae, guiding and limiting the movements of your neck. In some cases, facet joints can remain stiff either by degenerative changes, traumatic accidents, or simply remain blocked at the end of the movement by a bad position.

Usually a patient with facetary Wry Neck refers to rise with the stiff neck, with pain and impossibility of placing the head straight. Usually it is associated with a bad position when sleeping, the pillow or a sudden gesture at night.

The pain occurs because of the large amount of nerves that lie next to the facet joint and adjacent tissues. Facet blocking is more common in young patients, between adolescence and 30 years. More adult patients usually have a more progressive appearance I feel the neck becomes stiff little by little.