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What's your main problem?

The first step to solving a problem is locating it. That’s why we will make a personal interview to determine your problem and possible solution.

Using Orthopedic Manual Therapy, based on clinical reasoning, we will choose the techniques that best suit you for proper recovery.

How do we find out where the problem is?

Your symptoms are the key to knowing what’s going on. This is why we will diagnose physiotherapy by analyzing the behavior of your symptoms and the movement of your body. After this, a physical examination will help us to confirm what the problem is to finally be able to make a specific treatment for the problem encountered.

Our advantages

Fisioterapia Actualizada

Nuestros Fisioterapeutas están actualizándose constantemente con ponentes internacionales, tanto del mundo de la Fisioterapia y la Terapia Manual como del mundo del Deporte

Tratamientos Personalizados

Deja que te dediquen el tiempo que te mereces. En nuestras sesiones recibirás un tratamiento personalizado, individualizado y adaptado a tus necesidades.


El tiempo es un bien muy valioso, por lo que te ofrecemos varias posibilidades para que puedas reserva tu cita rápida y cómodamente. Puedes utilizar nuestro servicio online, contactar por teléfono.

Our commitment

We want to become your reference center in Chamberí, a place to go to solve your doubts, your problems and take care of your health.

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If medicine is the science that gives years to life,
Physiotherapy is the science that gives life to the years

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